Design Audit of Havmor Ice-cream Limited

Design Audit, Brand Experience Management, Market Research, Organizational Design, Marketing and Business Strategy

Auditing the Ahmedabad based ice-cream and eatery chain for design strategy, business competencies and service experience



Havmor Ice-cream is one of the largest home grown Ice-cream, eatery and restaurant chains in the country. Currently being run by the third generation of the Chona family, Havmor hopes to become a 1000 crore plus company and overtake competitors like Vadilal and Walls in the ice-cream market. 


The chain is stringent about the quality of its products and the use of authentic ingredients, but it is seeing stiff challenge form other frozen dessert manufacturers in the segment. Customers often leave dissatisfied from its parlors even though they love the products. The brand hasn't been able to plug its leaks despite putting in a lot of effort, hiring specialists and even undertaking an extensive re-branding exercise in the recent past.

How can design as a business methodology help Havmor? How have they been doing so far in terms of  bringing delight to their customers? Have they been able to leverage the power of design to make their customers want to Hav(e)mor(e)?

The Project and My Roles

  • Market Analysis

  • Corporate Presentations

  • Service Design

  • Customer Experience 

  • Organizational Strategy

The project was a part of a three week course on Design Audit in the SDM M.Des curriculum at NID. A team of 4 students were required to study and understand a business, and after a brief presentation to the organization we started working with Havmor. The study was intended to understand various systemic and organizational interconnections within the brand and leverage them to suggest solutions to bolster its presence in a highly competitive market.

Baselines for Enquiry

The Process

A detailed structural map for the brand and its various services as generated to identify the interconnections, the user journeys through the system and the major gaps. A variety of methodologies were used to evaluate the existing business and service offerings from Havmor.

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  • Primary Fact Finding

  • Service Journey Analysis

  • System Blueprint Mapping

  • D-SWOT

  • Customer Aspiration - Competency Balancing Framework

1. Corp-rospection


Take an inward look into understanding the core values of the brand and identify roadblocks in communicating them in the outlook to not only products but also workforce management and service.

2. Move FAST or move out


Pick up the pace of implementing decisions with newly developed Fast Asset and Service Transformation framework for agile corporations.

3. Active Listening


Develop active and participatory mechanisms using in-store systems and virtual media analysis tools, to listen to the feedback and the chatter from user groups to dynamically adapt service offerings